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BroncosRide 2013 Update


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Jul 9, 2013 5:30 PM  Operations & Customer Service Committee Committee
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Bruce Abel explained as we move towards the beginning of Broncos season staff reviews our special service plan for the BroncosRide. This year there are several adjustments, given the West Line opening. He shared that while we eventually anticipate that the Broncos Ride service from stations served by the W Line will be replaced by trains, at this time we are keeping the service from the Federal Center Station. Bruce Abel also explained that we would be making changes to the Federal Shuttle. For the 2013 Broncos season the north portion of the shuttle will not operate as the owner for RTD’s BroncosRide parking location has decided not to continue our arrangement.

Director Folska asked for an explanation as to why we have a BroncosRide shuttle but other sporting events, celebrity golf tournaments, etc. do not have a RTD sponsored service. She also wondered about light rail frequency and number of cars per train when there are special events. She hears many complaints from her constituents that RTD does not have adequate light rail service during these times. Bruce Abel explained that we are bound by Federal Transportation Authority guidelines on offering charter service; federally funded transit agencies should not provide service to special events that occur on a limited basis and would be served by private charter companies. He said that there are exceptions for routinely scheduled special events like the routinely reoccurring Broncos games. We communicate our services to the public and the fares match our fares for other service (i.e. BroncosRide from a regional Park-n-Ride would be a regional fare; BroncosRide from a local Park-n-Ride would be a local fare, etc.) Bruce Abel stated that we also do a service for weekend Rockies games. He shared that the reason we have those two services is they meet the service standards; Rockies weekday games do not meet the threshold. Bruce Abel and Austin Jenkins explained that staff looks closely at special events and works with Visit Denver to try to accommodate the number of riders with the appropriate number of light rail cars; however, this is always a work in progress.