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Denver Union Station Project Update


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  1. DUS Project Update 04.01.14

Meeting History

Apr 1, 2014 5:30 PM  Planning & Development Committee Committee
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Committee Chair James told the Directors as long as they are paying attention to the topic at hand they have freedom to consult any tools.

He then introduced Richard Clarke, Assistant General Manager for Capital Programs, Bill Van Meter, Assistant General Manager for Planning, and Bill Mosher, Senior Managing Director for Trammell Crow Company (TCC). Mr. Clarke and Mr. Mosher presented the last Denver Union Station (DUS) update starting on page 4 of the Government Relations/Planning and Development/FasTracks Monitoring Committees Packet for the April 1, 2014 Committee Meetings.

Committee Chair James thanked Mr. Mosher and Elbra Wedgeworth, Chair of the Board for the Downtown Denver Partnership (DDP) for their leadership and commitment to the community.

Director Deadwyler took a tour of DUS earlier in the day and expressed how impressive it is. She noted that the bus concourse, which measures 1200 feet, only has one restroom facility at one end. Mr. Mosher pointed that the restrooms on the other end are upstairs in the DUS main hall. Director Deadwyler expressed the challenge this will pose for females and young mothers as they would have to cross the concourse to have access to that level’s bathroom.

Director Folska said that DUS is transforming the city, not just downtown and thanked Mr. Mosher and Mr. Clarke for a job well done leading such a complex group of people in such a long-term fashion.

Director Daly thanked Mr. Mosher and Mr. Clarke for their work and mentioned he took a group of 40 people from his District on a DUS tour and everyone was very impressed.

Director Hoy attended earlier in the day a Smart Commute Metro North meeting and noted how Karen Stuart, Executive Director of the organization, expressed ownership over DUS as a destination. She explained during the meeting that money spent in downtown Denver benefits everyone in the state.

Director Rivera-Malpiede thanked Mr. Mosher and Mr. Clarke. She grew up near DUS and is honored to have it in her District. She wanted to maintain its hallowed ground sense as many families, historical figures, and soldiers going to war have stepped through DUS as the heart of Denver. She pointed out the role of women in leadership throughout this project and thanked Ms. Wedgeworth for her leadership and support. Her leadership, she said, adds to the thread of history and coming together as a community. She noted how her Highlands community stops by Riverpoint to take pictures of the landmark.

Director Bagley reflected on his participation as the Board of Directors’ Conduit to the Denver Union Station Project Authority (DUSPA) since 2010 and how Bill Mosher’s leadership as the owner’s representative has been outstanding.

Committee Chair James noted the major projects and openings RTD has planned for the near future and how these are sure to grab the attention of the constituents.

Mr. Mosher recognized Terry Howerter, Chief Financial Officer and Assistant General Manager for Finance & Administration, and Marla Lien, General Counsel, as original RTD members to the DUSPA. He also acknowledged the leadership of Ms. Wedgeworth as well as the City and County of Denver and the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), among others.

Committee Chair James asked about the federal loans used to develop the project and wondered if repayment would be accelerated. Mr. Mosher replied that it is up to the City and County of Denver, RTD, as part of the loan, is paid by FasTracks tax revenues as well as Downtown Development Authority (DDA) tax revenues. The understanding is that the current City and County of Denver administration would like to pay the loan as soon as possible, but this could change anytime due to City policy. Ms. Lien further explained that there’s a split in the DDA revenue and if there is an excess in revenue it could be applied towards paying off the loan.

Mr. Clarke thanked Mr. Mosher and Mike Sullivan, Alex Brown, and Rob Andrews from TCC. Each one was presented with a plaque recognizing their contribution to the DUS project.